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To the Function community:

We've been quiet on our normal communication channels this past week, reflecting on what we can do as individuals, as a team, and as a brand. We were wary to post something that might feel hollow or performative, and were cautious to reserve critical space for information, education, and Black voices.

We can contribute more than just equal representation in the images we add to the beauty space. Here’s how we’re starting:
  • focusing our energy on how we, as a team, can listen, learn, and implement real progress in our sphere of influence
    • forming a diversity and inclusion committee to lead our efforts company-wide across our locations in New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania - bringing all voices and perspectives to the table
    • committing to explicitly elevate celebrations of race
    • implementing unconscious bias training
  • collaborating with partners who share these values moving forward
  • donated $100,000 to The Equal Justice Initiative
There’s a lot to be done from here on out. We will be sharing our additional actions, and our progress with you here as we move forward. Please share your thoughts with us at